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I have a link in my Google Webmaster Tools that is coming from a big website that posted my link incorrectly. With many attempts to get them to change it I am going to 301 the link to the right page because I want that link. Problem is that in my GWT it is showing the link as


If you put your mouse over the link it looks like


I tried in my htaccess file which didn't work

Redirect 301 /...crabble-word-finder http://www.mydomain.com/scrabble-word-finder/


Redirect 301 /%E2%80%A6crabble-word-finder http://www.mydomain.com/scrabble-word-finder/

Any idea how to get this redirect to work?

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If you just want to redirect /%E2%80%A6crabble-word-finder into /scrabble-word-finder/ then you can simply try this .htaccess code:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^%E2%80%A6crabble-word-finder/?$ /scrabble-word-finder/ [R]

Just considered the [R=301] flag with this link: http://stackoverflow.com/a/15999177/2007055

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some hackers try to use such redirects for exploitation of a site.

If they succeed in redirecting then they try to inject what may seem as an innocuous internal link via forms in order to redirect traffic to their site and/or get link juice a-la page rank.

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Try using quotes:

Redirect 301 "/...crabble-word-finder" http://www.mydomain.com/scrabble-word-finder/
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