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I know how to write a query notation join in dot notation, but how do you write a cross join in dot notation?

    List<Alpha> als = new List<Alpha>{new Alpha(), new Alpha()};
    List<Bravo> bros = new List<Bravo>{new Bravo(), new Bravo()};

    //so far so good.
    var res = from a in als
              from b in bros
              select new { A = a, B = b };

    var what = res.ToArray();

    //hmmmm.  Not so sure.
    var result = als.Join(bros, null, null, (x, y) => new { X = x, Y = y });

Another way of asking this question: when the C# compiler invisibly converts cross-join query notation into dot notation, what does that dot notation look like?

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It would help to learn how the translation from the query syntax to the "dot notation" is made. Once you understand that, then this should be cake. –  Jeff Mercado Apr 24 '13 at 4:46

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I think its

als.SelectMany(x => bros, (a, b) => new {A = a, B = b});
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 als.SelectMany(a => bros.Select(b =>  new {A = a, B = b}));
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It should look something like this:

var res = als.Join(bros,
    alsItem => alsItem.IdToJoin,
    brosItem => brosItem.OtherId,
    (alsItem, brosItem) => {X = alsItem, Y = brosItem});
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That would be an inner join. –  Jeff Mercado Apr 24 '13 at 4:32

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