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First time here. I'm trying to code something with these features with Javascript.

First, if a link is clicked, and there is no existing popup window, a popup window will be created, navigating to that link.

However, if second link is clicked, and there is an existing popup window, it'll run some AJAX function. We will not navigate to that link.

However, if another link is clicked, and the popup window has been closed, it'll open the window again (and navigate to that link).

The only way I can think of that allows me to solve this is using a global variable, however it's not working out. Can someone help please? Thanks!

Here's my jsfiddle


<a href="javascript:;" onclick="javascript:displayWindow=openwindowPreview(1, displayWindow); return false">1</a>
<a href="javascript:;" onclick="javascript:displayWindow=openwindowPreview(4, displayWindow); return false">4</a>

The Javascript

var displayWindow = null;
var test = 'test';

function openwindowPreview(id, winObject) {
    // check if the window already exists
    if (winObject != null) {
        // the window has already been created, but did the user close it?
        // if so, then reopen it. Otherwise make it the active window.
        if (!winObject.closed) {
            return winObject;

    if (test != 'test') {
        if (winObject.closed) {
            test = 'test';
        } else {

    // if we get here, then the window hasn't been created yet, or it
    // was closed by the user.
    if (test == 'test') {
        var urlDisplayID= "file.php?ID=" + id;, 'width=' + screen.width, 'height=' + screen.height);
        test = 'tested';

Basically, only allow one instance of the window at once, and only display the first instance, while other instances (different URLs — because of the parameter) are sent to the server via AJAX.

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in your case I think this maybe as your need.

var openWindows = {};

function openwindowPreview(id) {

// if we get here, then the window hasn't been created yet, or it
// was closed by the user.
var urlDisplayID= "file.php?ID=" + id;
//set id as the window name, so if the window already opened,
//the open method will find the opened window with the window name
var opened =, id,'width=' + screen.width, 'height=' + screen.height);
if(opened === openWindows[id]){
    openWindows[id] = opened();


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