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I can remove the cookies after the fact, with this:

public override void Configure(Funq.Container container)
    ResponseFilters.Add((req, res, dto) =>

I have also considered overriding the SetCookie method of HttpResponse to just ditch the cookies, but I am not sure how to override that behaviour in servicestack.

Question: How can I ensure no cookies are added to my responses in the first place? This seems more efficient and fit-to-intent than the above.


I am using Basic Authentication, but I do not need to persist sessions, or want to allow any kind of authentication via cookies. Clients must re-authenticate each request.

So, another approach might also work, such as a custom session factory that returns null sessions? Or some other way of overriding session/authentication handling. However, despite much digging, I have had no success on that front, either.

Thanks in advance!

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