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I'm using gottox socket.io java client for an Android chat application.
I could connect to both web-socket and Xhr transport in HTTP mode. But when i switch to HTTPS only Xhr mode is working. i used the default SSL Context as below


This works fine in Xhr mode. But in websocket transport there are no responses or errors.

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It works but you have to do some modifications on io.socket library. Instead of using the socketio.jar, import into src folder the io.socket library (You'll find inside socket.io-java-client package). There, you have to edit the WebsocketTransport class.

Here you have the solution


 public WebsocketTransport(URI uri, IOConnection connection) {
    this.connection = connection;
    SSLContext context = null;
    try {
        context = SSLContext.getInstance("TLS", "HarmonyJSSE");
    } catch (NoSuchAlgorithmException e) {
    } catch (NoSuchProviderException e) {
    try {
        context.init(null, null, null);
    } catch (KeyManagementException e) {
    if("wss".equals(uri.getScheme()) && context != null) {
        this.setWebSocketFactory(new DefaultSSLWebSocketClientFactory(context));

And remember to call the setDefaultSSLSocketFactory like this:

socket = new SocketIO();

Hope it helps someone ;)

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Websocket with SSL working in AndroidAsync. Using that for now.

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