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I made a C program that prints out a lot of values from a binary file. I believe the program finishes it's functions and ends before it actually displays values it spits out. So as a result I get a lovely RUN SUCCESSFUL (total time: 198ms) plopped right in the middle of my nicely formatted output, successfully screwing with the continuity of the rest. Is there a non-intrusive way to fix this?

I have tried a while loop encasing main's return value with a scanf() to pause the program until the user enters any value other than 0 but I'd prefer it if I could just have it run like a 'normal' program which in this case is without any user input. Thanks in advance for any advice or tips. :)

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Looks like a bug. –  Jesse Good Apr 24 '13 at 5:31

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Jesse Good is right, this used to be a bug in NetBeans. So you can try the following:

a) Check if you flush your buffer, i.e., if you use printf(), the output is buffered before it is actually written to the console. Try to use fflush(stdout); before return. (But I guess thats not it. Actually the buffer should be flushed automatically before return, so I don't think this will fix it, but you never know :-) )

b) Check that you have the latest Version (v7.3, 2013-02-21), as the bug was fixed in Nightly Build 2012-09-21. Maybe even v7.2.1, 2012-10-22 is sufficient, but v7.2 is definitely not.


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Thank you for the detail and ideas on solutions. I mainly wanted to know whether or not it was something I was doing wrong so this answers my question just fine. :) –  Chris_R Apr 25 '13 at 21:16
And thank you for the edit. X) Can't believe I let that typo get by! :D –  Chris_R Apr 25 '13 at 21:17

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