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I am compiling files and get working compiled code but the annotations seem to be completely ignored; no warnings no errors. Using to compile my code with the following command:

set calc="D:\software\closure compiler\library\closure\bin\"
c:\Python27\python.exe %calc% ^
--path D:\flex_sdk_4.6\projects\EnglishConverter\bin\js\ ^
--input D:\flex_sdk_4.6\projects\EnglishConverter\bin\js\mmt\Mediator.js ^
--input D:\flex_sdk_4.6\projects\EnglishConverter\bin\js\mmt\DomDependent.js ^
--input D:\flex_sdk_4.6\projects\EnglishConverter\bin\js\mmt\WorkFlow.js ^
--input D:\flex_sdk_4.6\projects\EnglishConverter\bin\js\mmt\Messenger.js ^
--input D:\flex_sdk_4.6\projects\EnglishConverter\bin\js\mmt\data.js ^
--compiler_jar "D:\software\closure compiler\compiler.jar" ^
--output_mode compiled ^
--compiler_flags="--compilation_level=ADVANCED_OPTIMIZATIONS" ^
--compiler_flags="--formatting=PRETTY_PRINT" ^
--output_file D:\flex_sdk_4.6\projects\EnglishConverter\bin\js\main.js

For example in Messenger.js I have a function:

 * Replaces words in matches with a yes/no/all box
 * @param {Array} matches contains the items of that matched words in text
 * @param {string} text contains the cleaned up user input (no html)

The variable matches has to be an Array and all code calling this function call it with an Array. To test type checking I changed the Array to string like so:

 * @param {string} matches contains the items of that matched words in text

Compiled again but no warning or error is given. tried to add a parameter to the compiler in the batch file:

--compiler_flags="--jscomp_warning=checkTypes" ^

Now I get warnings. My question is: do I have to turn on all kinds of checking? Is there a way that all checks are on and I only explicitly turn off some?

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You can set the flag --warning_level=VERBOSE, which is equivalent to

--jscomp_warning=checkTypes --jscomp_error=checkVars \
--jscomp_warning=deprecated --jscomp_error=duplicate \
--jscomp_warning=globalThis --jscomp_warning=missingProperties \
--jscomp_warning=undefinedNames --jscomp_error=undefinedVars

There are still some checks which will be off and which you have to enable explicitly if you want them. There is no way afaik to enable all by default.

For a complete list of warning/error types, see

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Thank you, it works. Got a lot of warnings about having unknown types and console.log is broken but it does what I want it to do. Fixed the console.log for now using the mediator passing console.log calls to the (mediator)event handler of log and logging from compiled code using myApp.mediator.trigger("log",someObject); The actual call to console.log is done from the html page (uncompiled code). This until I figure out how to use goog.debug but I am not sure if that is as informative as firebug's console.log. – HMR Apr 24 '13 at 7:20
Unknown types are due to a missing deps.js file (which provide forward type declarations). I don't know why the Closure Library folks don't do this by default. What is broken about console.log? – John Apr 25 '13 at 17:07
@John console.log needs to be window.console.log. I've been meaning to submit a change to fix that, but it's been pretty far down on my list. – Chad Killingsworth Apr 26 '13 at 14:19
Weird, it just needs to be part of the default externs:… – John Apr 27 '13 at 0:26

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