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I have a table name

flight_info (flight_id, flight_no, depart_from, destination, depart_time, arrive_time)

Now I want to retrieve only

flight_id on the basis of column depart_from and destination

I wrote the SQL as following:

string str = "SELECT fligth_id FROM flight_info WHERE  depart_from = @depart AND destination = @destination"

While running, it's showing an error pointing @depart and @destination. Can you help me, How can I specify those scalar variable.?

I tried it..

SqlDataReader myReader;
string depart = myReader["depart_from"].ToString();
string destination = myReader["destination"].ToString();

But, it's not working. Help needed.

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You are using parameters in your query, but you didn't specify them.

Try like this;

using (SqlConnection connection = new SqlConnection(connectionString))
   using (SqlCommand command = new SqlCommand("SELECT fligth_id FROM flight_info WHERE  depart_from = @depart AND destination = @destination", connection))
        command.Parameters.Add("@depart", depart);
        command.Parameters.Add("@destination", destination);
        SqlDataReader myReader = command.ExecuteReader();
        while (myReader.Read())
           int fligth_id = reader.GetInt32(0);

Since your query returns only fligth_id column, you can't access depart_from and destination columns with that way. SqlDataReader reads database rows one-by-one.

If you return other columns in your query like;

SELECT fligth_id, depart_from, destination

You can read them the same way like;

while (myReader.Read())
    int fligth_id = reader.GetInt32(0);
    string depart_from = reader.GetString(1);
    string destination = reader.GetString(2);
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Thanks .. It helped me. :) And I want to Pass this value into another pages. 'Response.Redirect("Booking.aspx? @flight_id: " + flight_id + " &flight_no: " + flight_no+ " &flight_name: " + flight_name );' In booking page ' String str1 = Request.QueryString["flight_id"]; String str2 = Request.QueryString["flight_name"]; String str3 = Request.QueryString["flight_no"];' But the page shows nothing –  Sazzad Hossain Apr 24 '13 at 16:14

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