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I want to access the Wikipedia Data for some research based NLP task in optimizes way. I'm focusing on finding some Java API. I've seen many Java API e.g JWPL, gwtwiki,wikixmlj, Bliki Engine, Wiki.java, Stackoverfolw Question.

I'm not very much clear which API should I use. My requirements are to find the following information about Wikipedia entities.

  1. Revision History Material.
  2. Text of Article Complete and meta data of article
  3. Authors Information
  4. external links + Internal links
  5. talk Pages
  6. Stats
  7. User Feed Back

I've seen the examples from Java projects home, i mentioned above. But i'm not sure that i got all information from single API. Please some one help me that have some experience to process Wikipedia data, so that i can make better decision.

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Do you need to process a few specific articles or most of the content? In the latter case, you should download the specific database dump, which contains the data you listed, except users feedback –  Jac_opo Apr 24 '13 at 14:29
Well in later stages i may need many articles, but for initial stage i need to test it with few articles. Getting Wikipedia dumps are very time taking task,So for now i need to a startup with processing few articles but complete information of them, I already invested many time in searching a good API.. –  Imran Apr 24 '13 at 15:05

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Sweble for fine for getting the full text and its links. I haven't used it for the other cases and thus cannot comment on that.

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I suggest you look at JWPL - Java-based Wikipedia Library. https://code.google.com/p/jwpl/

It has good support for revisions, and appears to me to be (easily) the most active java wikipedia library.

Unlike the JWBF (bot framework) it more for analysis, and does not allow for creating bots and writing to wikipedia, but these limitations are not an issue for you.

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I really have doubt about"the most active java wikipedia library".. I've really bad experience on their mailing list.... –  Imran May 1 at 12:54
That's too bad - it did seem to meet your requirements. Have you found anything better? –  Tom May 1 at 15:42
I'm writing my own... I'll update soon as it completes.... –  Imran May 2 at 2:04

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