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I'm currently using appboy SDK in my app.In that we can show News and Alerts Page with the method "displayNews".In this page it is shows a heading with a name "News and Alerts".But i want replace this heading "News and Alerts" with something else according to my client requirement.Is there any way for this ??? Please respond for my problem.

Thanks, Prakash

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Mark CEO of Appboy here. Feel free to email me directly as well, mark@appboy.com

You can't change just the text, but you can add a custom image that you specify. We have some additional options in the current SDK that you can access in AppboySession.h, you'll see a theming object where you can set a few additional properties. Documentation for what each of the below fields configures is in AppboySession.h.

[AppboySession theming].sectionHeaderBackgroundImageName = @"table-section-header.png";

[AppboySession theming].navBackButtonImageName = @"navbar-back-btn.png";
[AppboySession theming].navBackButtonHighlightedImageName = @"navbar-back-btn-pressed.png";
[AppboySession theming].navBackgroundImageName = @"navbar-bg-opaque.png";
[AppboySession theming].navBarButtonBackgroundImageName = @"navbar-bar-btn-item.png";
[AppboySession theming].navTitleImageName = @"appboy_title_image.png";
[AppboySession theming].customBodyFont = @"Roboto-Light";
[AppboySession theming].customTitleFont = @"Roboto-Regular";
[AppboySession theming].customHeaderFont = @"Roboto-Condensed";
[AppboySession theming].customImageCornerRadius = 0.0;
[AppboySession theming].customButtonCornerRadius = 0.0;
AppboySession theming].shouldResizeNavigationBarInLandscape = NO;
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Hi Mark Thanks for your response.It's great. And i will contact you in the mail with an id prakash.thoram@gmail.com. –  prakashios Apr 26 '13 at 5:06

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