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Is there any way I can obtain the MAC Address/interface name from GUID on FreeBSD? Are there any system calls to do that? I was searching everywhere but couldn't find any information. Can you please help?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Best Regards, Marc.

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N.B.: outside the windows world, GUID is known as UUID.

The startup script /etc/rc.d/hostid first tries to get the UUID from the SMBIOS. If that fails it turns to the uuidgen program to generate a UUID. This program uses the uuidgen system call. As you can read in the manual page, the last 6-byte block of the UUID is the hardware address of one of the physical network interfaces of the system.

Note that if no interface exists, a random multi-cast address is used instead! So the UUID doesn't necessarily contain a hardware address.

Both the SMBIOS and uuidgen UUIDs generally use the hardware address of the first on-board ethernet chip.

Probably the easiest way to get the interface name and the hardware address is to use the SIOCGIFSTATUS ioctl, as it is done in the status() function in ifconfig.

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