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I am currently preparing to migrate a Master/Slave based application over to the High Replication Datastore. The official documentation states that "As the last step, you will make your old application ID an "alias" for the new one" but I cannot find any functionality in the GAE dash which does this.

Can anyone explain how this step works? Is it automatic or manual? If it's automatic then how if a problem occurs do you revert back to the original app-id and remove the alias?

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The original URL of your app will still work but App Engine processes your requests with the new app instead of the old one. So old-app.appspot.com works like new-app.appspot.com.

This is done automatically at the end of the migration process.

For problems you will need to contact Google through a production ticket.

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Thanks. But what I'm trying to establish is whether if anything goes wrong after the migration process, can you remove the alias to go back to the original M/S ID? It is a bit worrying to me that I have no control over this part of the migration. –  Amorgos Apr 24 '13 at 19:04

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