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I created an lftp script to upload single files to a web hosting provider.

The use case is that I call it from the repository root, so the relative path is the same here and in the remote server.


DIRNAME=$(dirname $1)
FILENAME=$(basename $1)

lftp -u user,passwd -p port sftp://user@hosting <<EOF
quit 0

It works, with one small but annoying bug. To check that it really uploads the file, I have put an ls -l at the end. It fails and I do not understand why:

ls: Access failed: No such file(functions.php)   

I tried to use rels and cache flush but in vain. I'm using lftp 4.0.9.

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Some googling at last gave a result in mail-archive

It is a limitation of SFTP protocol implementation in lftp. It cannot list a single file, only a specific directory.

Fortunately, lftp allows pipes, so

ls -l | grep  "$FILENAME"

solves the problem.

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