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I just setup Octave on my Emacs, however I have no idea how to send lines to the Octave buffer...

After M-x run-octave My cursor is on the line a = 1 I typed C-c i l it doesn't work..

1) C-c C-i then it shows: C-c TAB is undefined ---------- Why C-i is recognized as TAB here??

2) C-c i then it shows: C-c i is undefined

both warnings shine before I even type in l!

Anyone could help? Much appreciated for any response!

PS My octave-mod.el file has the definition:

 (define-key map "\C-c\C-il" 'octave-send-line)
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The keybindings mentioned online are outdated. 'octave-send-line is now C-c TAB C-l You can find all the keybindings by C-h m( or F1 m). I have pasted some of them below for quick reference. Happy Emacs Editing

C-c TAB C-b octave-send-block
C-c TAB C-f octave-send-defun
C-c TAB C-h octave-hide-process-buffer
C-c TAB C-k octave-kill-process
C-c TAB C-l octave-send-line
C-c TAB C-r octave-send-region
C-c TAB C-s octave-show-process-buffer
C-c TAB b   octave-send-block
C-c TAB f   octave-send-defun
C-c TAB h   octave-hide-process-buffer
C-c TAB k   octave-kill-process
C-c TAB l   octave-send-line
C-c TAB r   octave-send-region
C-c TAB s   octave-show-process-buffer
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I guess maybe my Octave is too old.. That was 3.2 or something. Now I installed 3.6.4 and it works great! –  Twinkle Jan 6 '14 at 2:55
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