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I need to use the Palatino font in a website. The problem is that the font is missing an important kerning pair VA, at least on my machine:

Kerning sample

It’s acceptable for me to just solve this situation in the main website heading. This means I can insert explicit markup (<span class="kern">VA</span>LUE) and adjust the kerning there. But adjusting the VA pair using the letter-spacing CSS property also tightens the following pair:

Kerning sample after tightening

Now the AL pair is unacceptable (also see jsFiddle). What do I do?

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I just created this project for exactly this purpose:


Usage is simple - so for your example you would do the following:

$('p').jerning("VA", -0.1);

Which means you don't have to do manual editing of spans for large bodies of text.

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Ha! Very nice, thank you. Better than marking up my pairs by hand. – zoul Oct 7 '13 at 7:11

Ha, I’m an idiot. Obviously, just target the first letter:

<p><span class="kern">V</span>ALUE</p>

So much for rubber duck debugging.

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