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How to create cross platform QFileDialog with default directory?

I have a code like

QFileDialog::getSaveFileName(this,"Save File","/home",tr("Any File (*.*);;Text file (*.txt);;Compressed file (*.zip *.tar *.rar);;Image (*.png *.xpm *.jpg *.tiff)"))

This works fine with Linux. But in windows the users directory will be "C:\Users". I don't know in Mac. I need this dialogue with default directory as user folder. How to do that?

I saw the toNativeSeparators() but this need more line of codes. Is there any easiest way to do that?

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Use QDir::home(), and then QDir::cdUp() to go up one.

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You can use also:


Which returns the user's home directory.

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this is my code

QString pathExport = dialog->getExistingDirectory(this, "Pilih Folder Export",QDir::homePath(),QFileDialog::ShowDirsOnly)+"/"+fileExport;
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