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I am working with MATLAB. I am just new with parallel computing toolbox in MATLAB. I have core i3 processor, MATLAB R2011a, 2 GB of RAM, 320 Hard disk.

To calculate speed up, I just wrote following code and found that parallel code is taking longer time than a sequential code.

1st code is taking 0.039763 seconds

2nd code is taking 0.379056 seconds.

1st code:

MM = magic(5);
MN = magic(5);
ML = magic(5);
MP = magic(5);
MK = magic(5);

2nd Code:

matlabpool open local 4

spmd  % Uses all 3 workers
    MM = magic(5); % MM is a variable on each lab
matlabpool close

I want to learn parallel computing toolbox.

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Try it with a bigger problem. Perhaps the overhead of parallelization is more costly than the speedup for a problem of such a small scale? –  Dan Apr 24 '13 at 7:39
Additionally, try to use different operations for workers. Matlab can speedup calculations for several identical sequential operations. –  Danil Asotsky Apr 24 '13 at 7:54

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As mentioned by Dan in the comments, the problem is clearly too small for parallelization to be beneficial. Increasing for example the size of the magic matrices you create from 5 to 5000, already shows a clear improvement. That is, with the larger size the overhead of parallelization becomes (almost) negligible compared to the computation time for one matrix.

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Thanks, But i have tried this to create 4000000 matrices but it is not giving desired result. Please suggest me suitable code. –  Sanjay Saxena Apr 25 '13 at 6:25

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