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I have Inventory application in .Net which is going interoperate with salesforce

how to generate wsdl file of a webservice , i was told that visual studio automatically create it .and also told that it was not created physically if it is then how to export it to remote machine to access if WSDL.exe command do it with asmx file, what is the exact location where it should be fired

Please suggest If i am missing any link

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Nothing special needs to be done to generate the WSDL to your webservice. Just postfix your Webservice url with "?WSDL" and you will get it. For example:


Once you do that, save the WSDL as an XML file and add it as web-reference to your client .NET application where you want to call it.

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great , quick Fix , thanks –  neeraj Apr 24 '13 at 9:05
I get 'Request format is unrecognized.' Any ideas? –  Luke Alderton Sep 8 at 12:20

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