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I want to create a webrtc brodcasting demo

here i have a one problem broadcaster have huge bandwidth when connect 10+ user because it use peer to peer connection so it use upload bandwidth like this

Total upload bandwith = number of user * ( 30 kb approximate to upload 1 video)

so i want to develop like this

how to i develop multipoint webrtc using minimum bandwidth ?

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Try peer-to-server to --> all other peers model:!topic/… – Muaz Khan Apr 24 '13 at 9:22
Thanks for the help Muaz Khan.. – Dhaval Dhami Apr 24 '13 at 10:26
Any other thing for the decrease the uploading bandwidth usage in the webrtc – Dhaval Dhami Apr 24 '13 at 10:28
proxy with websocket it is possible ? – Dhaval Dhami Apr 24 '13 at 10:30
Here is my idea (just my idea!):… – Muaz Khan Apr 24 '13 at 10:38

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