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ok, let say I got:

CheckBox myCheckBox=new CheckBox("http://verylongurlverylonngurl_image.jpg");

I wanna hide the part http://verylongurlverylonngurl_ of the text of checkbox, ie when seeing the check box on website it will show "image.jpg" as text of checkbox, but when we getText of that checkbox:


it will return string "http://verylongurlverylonngurl_image.jpg"

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It looks like you'd want getText() to be image.jpg and use getFormvalue() to get the full value: getText() is the displayed text, getFormvalue() is the actual value of the checkbox.

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This is better way to do it, I also used to do like this. –  Jama Jurayevich Apr 24 '13 at 8:19
the thing is I used getText for all checkboxes every where in my project, so if i use this then I have to change a lot & this feature is not too important , so i just need a quick fix. By using the above solution I just: CheckBox myCk=new ShortenCheckCheckBox("text",5);, & then I don't have to touch the rest of the code. <br> But this is good solution anyway, thax u for your contribution. –  Tom Apr 24 '13 at 8:45

You can create your own widget, if you only want to use it with myCheckBox.getText();

public class TextShortenedCheckBox extends CheckBox{
   private String original;
   public CheckBox(String label, int visibleLength){

   public String getText(){
      return original;

This is one way to go.

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You awesome!, such a simple solution but very effective. Thax u vey much! –  Tom Apr 24 '13 at 8:22

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