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Below is an section of pom.xml :


What is this achieving ? Does this mean that when I deploy this project the groupId, artifactId & version parameter will be what is set in this section ?

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This is made to specify that your project uses a plugin to perform some tasks during the build. Not sure to understand your question about deploying. – Tome Apr 24 '13 at 8:04
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The three elements groupId+artifactId+version serve as a unique identifier for an artifact in maven. In your case they specify the plugin named test-artifact. In order to know what this plugin is doing you will have to read the documentation of this particular plugin.

Most plugins will register some kind of keyword with maven, that you can use to execute this plugin, other plugins are executed as part of a phase. You can bind this plugin for example to the test-phase with


Unless this plugin binds to a certain phase by default, it will probably not be executed when you deploy your project.

For an example of the kind of keywords that plugins register with maven, take a look at the maven-exec-plugin [1], which registers the exec:exec and exec:java keywords to maven, such that you can run

mvn exec:exec


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