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Is there any (simple) way to get some control of the order in which a model's errors appear in the view? Ordering the rules does not seem to help whatsoever.

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Note: I put my own answer below, which uses the best answer to help it along. – Yar Jun 14 '10 at 23:45

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Use error_message_on instead of error_messages to get the message for an individual attribute.

<div class="errorMessages">
    <% %{name title description}.each do |att| %>
        <%= f.error_message_on att, :css_class => "error" %>
    <% end %>
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Perfect. That's what I needed. – Yar Oct 25 '09 at 18:28

In 2.3.6 validation messages will show in order you declared them in code


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Here's an answer (for my own notes, basically) using Baldu's answer. This puts the attribute_names in alpha order:

<% if @model.errors.length>0 %>
  <div class="errorExplanation">
    <h3>There were problems with the following fields:</h3><ul>
      <% @model.attribute_names.each do |attribute| %>
        <% if !@model.errors[attribute].blank? %>
          <li><%= f.error_message_on attribute, Model.human_attribute_name(attribute)+ "&nbsp;", :style=>"display:inline" %></li>
        <% end %>
    <% end %>
<% end %>

Of course you can parametrize this further as a partial, for instance. I'll probably do that :)

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I had the same prob in groovy in rails (grails). changing it in the code does not change anything, the above answer doe not work for me either. This is how I end up solving my prob. Team created a custom tag for sorting / ordering grails error msgs.

def renderOrderedErrors = { attrs, body ->

    def bean = attrs.bean
    def fields = attrs.fields

    fields.each { out << g.renderErrors(bean: bean, field:it) }


and this is how you use it:

<g:if test="${totalRating.hasErrors() || rating.hasErrors()}">
    <div class="errors">
        <g:if test="${totalRating.hasErrors()}"><g:renderOrderedErrors bean="${totalRating}" as="list" fields="${['totalEffectiveDate','awardedDisability']}"/></g:if>
        <g:if test="${rating.hasErrors()}"><g:renderOrderedErrors bean="${rating}" as="list" fields="${['ratingStatus','ratingIssue','disability','effectiveDate','ratingType','socDate','nodDate','ssocDate','form9Date','six46Date','remandDate']}"/></g:if>//this is the way you want to order the fields in the form
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