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I'm an iOS developer and i have tried to build a mobile application with automatic activation functionality, i found more than way to read SMS message but only using private API which will cause Apple rejection to my app.,i have two questions and appreciate any feedback can help me.

1- Is there any way to read SMS message in iOS platform without facing Apple rejection ? 2- Can anybody provide me with the related section in Apple developer documentation, the section that describe that its not allowed to read SMS message in iOS platform ?

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Can you provide the link of the private API? –  Piyush Verma Mar 8 at 7:02
Hi, Can you please tell about this private api? –  Durgaprasad May 27 at 6:09

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  1. Not there is no way to read SMS messages. Apple is very strict on this due to privacy concerns.
  2. Log in to the developers portal and click App Store Review Guidelines.

Nowhere in the guidelines does it specify that you can't access the SMSes. But you can only acces then if you use private methods which is not allowed and will get you app rejected.

You can only access data for which Apple supplies a documented API. You can not access file outside of the Sandbox of your App, unless Apple provides an API for it.

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HI, can you please tell me about this api? –  Durgaprasad May 27 at 6:33
Which API are you talking about? –  rckoenes May 27 at 7:07
help.getpebble.com/customer/portal/articles/… How pebble does this? –  Durgaprasad May 27 at 9:33
They register the watch with iOS with the bluetooth protocol for receiving notification. You can't acces them in your own app. –  rckoenes May 27 at 9:36
They have taken permissions from apple? Or this is a public API? –  Durgaprasad May 27 at 9:40

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