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I wish the following:

  • a text input
  • a "go" button

You type in the text input.

If you hit enter or the "go" button, it puts (remote) search results in a drop-down for you to select (each item has an image and some text).

If you start typing again, it clears back to original state (i.e. no drop-down).

I'd like it to be jquery or a jquery plugin.

It's almost like the jquery auto-complete drop-down, but that doesn't wait for enter or a "Go" button.

It's sort of like a combobox, but I don't have the items beforehand.

I've been wandering around looking at jquery plugins, jquery ui, jquery combobox, etc. I'm confused whether this exists or I have to build it.

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Did you look at Droplist Filter? I haven't messed with it so I don't know if it will work with server side data =(

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Thanks for the thought. It looks like it cannot query a remote server. –  dfrankow Oct 24 '09 at 21:47

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