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Since Firefox 19, there is an internal default PDF reader "pdf.js". How can I detect whether this is the reader by default?

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This might be what you are looking for...


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I think this is what I am search for. I will check and if I have problems I will post again for feedback. –  user1097647 Apr 29 '13 at 16:26

This will test for it. I can't get to the other link due to corporate firewall. Dunno what it says. Maybe its the same.


<iframe src="some.pdf" id="iframe" name="iframe"></iframe>


// FireFox test for PDFJS to display PDFs. Works in 20 & 21.
// If you don't test for the browser ...
//    IE says PDFJS is there. It isn't.
//    Chrome hangs on the fiddle
//    Safari for Windows says PDFJS isn't there
$(window).load(function() {

  var userAgent = navigator ? navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase() : "other";
  if(userAgent.indexOf("firefox") > -1) {

    var $iframe = $("#iframe");
    var $innerDiv;
    try {
      $innerDiv = $iframe.contents().find('div');
      alert("PDFJS not loaded");
    } catch (e) { 
      alert("PDFJS loaded");
  } else {
      alert("Not running in FireFox - no PDFJS available");
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