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IS there a way to make RestEasy use Jackson 2+ ? It seems that RestEasy Jackson provider uses Jackson 1.9.9 and it's still a case for ResetEasy 3.

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It occured to be quite simple. There are Jackson JAXRS providers in Jackson 2 already.

  • jackson-jaxrs-xml-provider
  • jackson-jaxrs-json-provider
  • jackson-jaxrs-smile-provider

So on the pom.xml


It's also good to exclude resteasy-jettison-provider to make sure you have no conflicts fo JSON handling.

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Unfortunately, it isn't possible to use Jackson 2.x with RESTEasy 2.x because the integration of Jackson 1.x is fairly tight.

However, RESTEasy supports Jackson 2.x as of version 3.0-beta-5 - please see this issue for details or do a repository search if you're using Maven.

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