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I've got an app that sends geolocations every 5 seconds and if no new location is found the last found location every minute. So basically there's no way the app can stop sending the geolocation to the PHP file.

Nonetheless it does. Completely random at that. The app just stops sending to the server without an error(Because i've got an alert in my onerror) and just starts re-sending again when i open up the app to see what's going on.

It seems to work fine on Android by the way!

I've got some stuff in my info.plist to keep it alive(And it does keep it alive but just stops living at random i guess):


And my httprequest looks like this:

    function sendCoordinates() {
        //Reset the visual text(errors/succesmessage etc)
        if ( {

            //Concat the GPSholder array into the toSend and than empty the GPSholder.
            //To toSend accumulates GPSholder arrays in case it can't be sent for some reason but avoids getting duplicates in the GPSholder
            //the toSend is emptied out after a succesful save.
            toSend = toSend.concat(getGPSholder());
            GPSholder = [];
            if (toSend.length > 0) {
                GPSSaved.text = '';
                minuteInterval = 0;
                var xhr=Titanium.Network.createHTTPClient({enableKeepAlive: false});
                xhr.onload = function(){

                    if(this.status == '200'){

                        if(this.readyState == 4){
                            var result = JSON.parse(this.responseText);

                            switch(result.result) {
                                case 1:
                                    secondsLastSent = 0;
                                    counterBlock.text = "De laatste locatie is " + secondsLastSent + " seconden geleden verstuurd";
                                    toSend = [];

                                case -1:
                                    GPSSaved.text = 'Authorisatie code niet geldig. Er worden geen locaties meer verstuurd.';

                            case -2:
                                GPSSaved.text = 'Locaties niet geldig';

                            case -3:
                                GPSSaved.text = 'Authorisatie code niet gevonden. Er worden geen locaties meer verstuurd.';

                            case -10:

                                GPSSaved.text = 'Onbekende fout. Er worden geen locaties meer verstuurd.';
            xhr.onerror = function(e){ 
                GPSSaved.text = e.status + ' <- error';

            xhr.timeout = 10000;

            var str = JSON.stringify(toSend);
            var params = {
                auth_key : auth_key,
                locations : str

   } else {
        GPSSaved.text = 'Geen internet. Het versturen van locaties wordt hervat als de verbinding is hervat.';
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as a Frisian, I'm happy to support in a question which involves the Elfstedentocht. Contact me if you run into more issues – Rene Pot Apr 24 '13 at 11:06
Thanks for the offer. If this issue can be solved i might have something else on my sleeve to go with that haha. Nonetheless i've deleted the link for now haha – CaptainCarl Apr 24 '13 at 11:50

From what I can tell from your code you are not registering a background task for iOS. You only intend on doing it by configuring it.

I also don't think it is at random, but rather after 5 minutes after the app closes. At that point the app pauses until it is opened again, and thus it will continue to transmit the location.

You should have a look at this documentation:!/api/Titanium.App.iOS.BackgroundService

var service = Ti.App.iOS.registerBackgroundService({url:'bg-service1.js'});

Note that it will run a different instance, and you should not include the entire app into this background service, as it will also not have a UI. Create a separate file for it, with inclusion of needed http & database calls, nothing more.

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And what should i add in the backgroundservice? Just that function? – CaptainCarl Apr 24 '13 at 11:43
Oh, P.S. It's running on standby for about 20 minutes now without any pausing issues whatsoever. It just sends locations every minute or so(It's laying dorment on my desk). – CaptainCarl Apr 24 '13 at 11:57
you'll need to create a file, which has all functionality in it you will need it to work properly, since it will not know about any other files (unless you include them). This is including all dependencies – Rene Pot Apr 24 '13 at 12:02
can you please define "it" in your last reply? Do i need to make a bgservice with this httprequest thingie and all things that are being used within that function? – CaptainCarl Apr 24 '13 at 12:09
yes. Exactly that. It will act as a standalone application. So in order for your task to work, it'll need all dependencies in the js file – Rene Pot Apr 24 '13 at 13:11

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