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I am working on iPad app, and I need to integrate Instagram. I found a sample that works fine. But coming to my app I registered as new user in instagram developer account. Though I am following the steps as said in Instagram API docs, I am getting an error "Redirect URI doesnot match registered redirect URI".

Can someone guide me on how to generate Redirect URI?

Here is what I did in Instagram.enter image description here

And in my simulator I am getting this error :

enter image description here

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Probably you mistyped your redirect URL or "/" may have an impact, be careful with special symbols as well as spaces in strings. – Darius Miliauskas Mar 24 at 20:24
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Use REDIRECT URI : igeb6240d263fb4736b3740af87edd18ea://authorize
for your Application

your REDIRECT URI should be : "ig" + "your clientId" + "://authorize"

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Hey thanks..Done it long back..any how thanks @Sujal – iSwaroop Jul 17 '13 at 12:38
@Jack1231 If you find a solution to your own question, please be so kind to publish it as an answer on stackoverflow yourself. This not only helps other people with the same problem, but also keeps stackoverflow clean. And also: please accept one of the answers or add your own and accept that one ;) – Tim Bodeit Jul 19 '13 at 10:26
hey sorry for that..I will do it @TimBodeit – iSwaroop Jul 19 '13 at 10:31
Have done the same as per ur suggestion. But still showing the error. – The X-Coder Jan 14 at 17:30
Thanks sujal bhai... Aaje tamaro answer kaam laagi gayo.... – Nirav Gadhiya Apr 13 at 6:21

You can use whatever you want as your redirect URI. You have to pass the redirect URI as a Get-parameter in your authorize request.

Make sure both of them match! You can navigate to subfolders or add additional parameters to it, but the beginning of it has to stay the same.

I would suggest not to use your website, but to link to one of your apps url schemes. For a guide on how to set those up, look here:

So for example you could use myapp:// as your default redirect URI, that you want to register with instagram.

Inside your app you can add additional parameters to it. Instagram will pass those on to your redirect URI, so you can read them out again in your AppDelegate or on your Server. Make sure you encode the redirect URI properly. The easiest way to do this would be:

NSString *unescaped = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"myapp://?someparameter=%@",theparametersvalue];
NSString *redirectURI = (NSString *)CFBridgingRelease(CFURLCreateStringByAddingPercentEscapes(
                                                                      (__bridge CFStringRef) unescaped,

Now insert redirectURI together with your client id into this URL and fire off the request:

If you need more than the basic permissions, check out scopes in the documentation.

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