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The following code is what I use to get a count of number of consumers :

import pika

connection = pika.BlockingConnection(pika.ConnectionParameters(host='IP ADDRESS'))
channel = connection.channel()


print this.method.consumer_count

Now the count that I obtain are the number of active consumers. However, when consumers are consuming from the queue, this count is printed as zero. Now I need the total number of consumers consuming from the queue. This appears RabbitMQ Management (as consumers : 0 active 25 Total)

Is there a way to obtain a count of the total number of consumers consuming from a queue, while there are messages in the queue?

Thank you in advance

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Following is an answer to this question. However, it uses HTTP API and not pika.

import subprocess
import os
import json

#Execute in command line
def execute_command(command):
     proc = subprocess.Popen(command,shell=True,stdout=subprocess.PIPE) 
     script_response = proc.stdout.read().split('\n')
     print resp[0]['name']
     print resp[0]['consumers']

  ######### MAIN #########
  if __name__ == '__main__':
      execute_command('curl -i -u guest:guest http://*IP ADDRESS*:15672/api/queues/')

Please refer : http://hg.rabbitmq.com/rabbitmq-management/raw-file/3646dee55e02/priv/www-api/help.html

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