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Now I understand this could be achieved by referencing a view from it's model. However I am attempting to stick with the "best practices" for Backbone.js where that is considered poor practice as model -> view can often be a one to many relationship.

The problem I have is this (The code samples are to help you visualise the problem):

I have an array of grouped views. Each grouped array of views contains views from multiple collections. e.g.,

var views; // Assume views is pre-populated with an array of views, each view's model may be stored in a different collection.

var viewGroups = _.groupBy(views, function(view) {
    return view.model.attributes.timestamp; // Unix timestamp for example

As I loop through the grouped views I need to access the views of the model that comes directly before each view's model in it's collection.

I am able to access the previous model in the collection like so:

_.each(viewGroups, function(viewGroup) {
    _.each(viewGroup, function (view) {
        var model = view.model;
        var collection = model.collection;
        var previousModel = collection.at(collection.indexOf(model) - 1);

But because there is no affiliation from the model to it's views I am unable to find out which views subscribe to the previous model in the collection.

var previousModelsViews = ???

How would I do this following the design pattern that models are ignorant of views.

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Do you really need to access the views, or do you want the view to execute something? –  Loamhoof Apr 24 '13 at 11:23
@Loamhoof I need to access the view as I need to perform DOM operations. –  George Reith Apr 24 '13 at 11:54
Then I guess you can trigger a custom event in the previous model, and make the views do their stuff. –  Loamhoof Apr 24 '13 at 12:02

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You do not need to know the view. Just add a custom event listener in the views:


initialize : function(){
  this.model.on('customAction', this.customAction);
customAction : function(){
   //here you could do the DOM manipulation that you need on your previous view

And on your code add this:

var previousModel = collection.at(collection.indexOf(model) - 1);

Update: after you updated your requirement: I still thinking that everything could be with events, just in the previous view dispatch other event:


initialize : function(){
  this.model.on('customAction', this.customAction);
  this.model.on('PreviousWindowSize', this.previousSizeReceived);
//Previews View will arrive here 
customAction : function(nextModel){
   nextModel.trigger('PreviousWindowSize', {width: this.$el.width()});
//Current View will receive the size of the previous View here
previousSizeReceived : function(size){

And on your code add this(check that I added the previous model in the trigger):

var previousModel = collection.at(collection.indexOf(model) - 1);
previousModel.trigger('customAction', previousModel);
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Thanks but I should of explained better, I need to get the height and position of the previous view element (Which is why I need access to the view) for use by the current view element (Why triggering an event won't work). –  George Reith Apr 25 '13 at 9:43
I updated my answer because you updated your question. I added some logic that you could use, please let me know any other doubt –  Daniel Aranda Apr 25 '13 at 10:16
Thanks for the answers that would work, however in the end I decided to take this logic out of the Backbone model / view logic as I realised a much faster approach to doing this. –  George Reith Apr 26 '13 at 9:15

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