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Instead of choosing 'Restore default layout' I mistakenly choosed 'Store current as default layout', so my current layout (which I don't want to use) is set as default.

Now I cannot go to original layout anymore. Is there a way to reset the layout to its shipped value?

I'm on intellij 12.1.1, on Windows7.

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For posterity... if you want to save the layout, the "Store Current Layout as Default" button is under "Window" in the menu bar. –  Trevin Avery Jun 8 at 3:32

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Layout stores the position and state of the tool windows, you can change it back how you like it and store it as the new default.

There is no GUI to reset layout to the IDE default, but the configuration is stored inside the project directory in ./idea/workspace.xml file. When the project is closed you can delete <component name="ToolWindowManager"> node from this file.

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