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I have a peculiar problem.The @InjectParam works on tomcat but not on glassfish.

It is just null in glassfish. Any reasons for this?

public class RestControllers {

private static Log log=LogFactory.getLog(RestControllers.class.getName()); 
private RulesController controller;

When I say controller.getSomething() is throwing NPE.

The controller.getSomething is throwing a null pointer exception only on glassfish. Works like a dream on tomcat.


Avinash C

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please provide more info as in do you get any error or what. Also provide some related code. –  Bhushan Bhangale Apr 24 '13 at 10:26

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Fixed the problem myself. GlassFish apparently has no support for jersey annotations.

Just used Spring's ApplicationContextAware interface to get round the problem.

Regards, Avinash

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