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I have just started using Magmi to upload products but keep running into a problem. My products are uploading ok but when I look in the admin section they have not been assigned a product type. Also when you look at the product it is missing all of the price information etc. I have tried reindexing both in the admin and via Magmi Reindexer as sugested in other questions but it doesn't make any difference.

The CSV file I am using is as follows:

"SY7031CC",,"Lighting","simple",,"Lighting/Kitchen Lighting/Under Cabinet Lights;;Lighting/Kitchen Lighting/Down Lights",,"Chrome","3 Working Days","Required when using 60° and 120° beam angles",1,,"3 Year Guarantee",,,,"LED Plug in System",,,,,,"Surface Spacer for 60° and 120° Florence, Toscanna, Siclia Lights - Chrome","3 Working Days",3.95,,"For use with Florence, Siclia and Toscana 3 Watt OSRAM LED light fittings.",,,,,,1,,2,,,"Accessories","Surface-Spacer-for-60°-and-120°-Florence-Toscanna-Siclia-Lights-Chrome","Surface-Spacer-for-60°-and-120°-Florence-Toscanna-Siclia-Lights-Chrome.html",1,,0.3
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You have the type column defined twice in your CSV.

The first instance has the correct value, simple. The second instance of type has Accessories as the value.

You need to remove the second instance of type, as Accessories is not a valid value for the type column. Additionally, you cannot use type for custom attribute data. It's a Magento reserved attribute for defining the product type. Try creating an attribute named product_type instead, and setting the Frontend Label to Type. This will allow you to set the data, without conflicting with the core Magento attribute.

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Thanks for your help Axel, it solved the problem straight away. I had been using 'type' for products uploaded using standard magento CSV upload with no problems but I am running magento 1.5 and I think the '_type' used for products types (simple etc.) must have made it possible. –  mikeE16 Apr 29 '13 at 20:19

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