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Since Json4s come with Map serialization only when the key is a String, I am trying to write my custom serializers for a specific Map with Java enums as key.

class HistoricalRecordCustomSerializer extends CustomSerializer[Map[QuotedData,Double]](
  format => (
      case JArray(items) =>
                   case JObject(JField(name,JDouble(value))::Nil) => (QuotedData.valueOf(name),value)


      case x: Map[QuotedData,Double] =>
          x.map(entry =>
} ) )

First of all, this implementation clearly does not work in case of serializing, because x: Map[QuotedData,Double] is erased. Additionally, I can't manage to get json4s using it. What is the correct way to write this custom serializer?

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Json4s only knows about string keys at this stage, so what you're trying to achieve won't work with a map.

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