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I am developing a standalone .NET application that currently uses an SQLite Database, but I want to port this to something else because i'm not happy with it's performance.

I would like to know which one would be better for use instead? An Access Database File or a SQL Server Compact Database File?

Which one would give the best performance and why?


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I have personally used Sql Server compact edition in place of SQLite. And it worked well.

You can find detailed comparison of both the databases here: http://database-management-systems.findthebest.com/compare/24-27/Access-vs-Microsoft-SQL-Server-Compact-Embedded-Database

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in my opinion the choice between the two should be more related to evolution and maintenance of your application rather than pure / raw performances.

If you go for SQL Compact you will be using a programming model much closer to the real SQL Server one and in case you will need to scale your application to use the real SQL Server ( I know Compact is also a real version, but is embedded, in-process zero configuration one), you will have little pain.

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