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I have Jenkins version 1.480.3 installed on my machine and Email-Extension Plugin 2.28.

I have configured my jobs on Jenkins and everything works fine except the final build success email.

I have configured four triggers for Email-Extension plugin:

  1. Failure
  2. Success
  3. Unstable
  4. Before Build

For all the triggers I have enabled "Attach Log" and all works fine except the "Success".

I get the following message on screen:

Email was triggered for: Success
Sending email for trigger: Success
Request made to compress build log
Sending email to:
Error sending to the following VALID addresses:
Notifying upstream projects of job completion
Capturing build context information.
Finished: SUCCESS

Please could someone help me since I really have no clue how to resolve this.

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Looks like a bug in the plugin. Here's a workaround:

In the global settings for the plugin make sure to provide a full e-mail address for System Admin E-mail Address, (e.g., not just foo), even though you've specified the Default user E-mail suffix. The address itself can be bogus, though.

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I also had this problem, and it was because I forgot to set the SMTP server (in the plugin section of configuration), but only saw the default SMTP server settings.

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My first guess is that the global jenkins email configurations are not set correctly.

Manage Jenkins -> Configure System -> E-mail Notification

This is the default plugin, not the extended one you installed manually. The SMTP server field defaults to localhost, so unless you have an email server setup and running on the same box, this needs to be set.

If that is set then I would try telnet'ing to your email server from your Jenkins server to make sure there is not a connection error.

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I had this problem too. In the end, it was because my attached build log was too large! The SMTP server refused to send out the e-mail causing the error message:

Error sending to the following VALID addresses: ...

Disabling the option to attach the build log or fixing the output of my build to not dump so much text fixed the problem:

enter image description here

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