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I am building an HTML5 coded app that will be wrapped for both android and iPhone.

I have a button that should evoke the date/time picker. On iOS this is easy as the picker already exists in one

enter image description here

Android has date and time picker in two different pickers. Do you have any examples of combining them? Or introducing a flow going from one picker to the other without having two different buttons on the start screen to select from?

What I want is 1 button on the screen: "Select date and time" -> Opens combined picker (or picker flow) I don't want 2 buttons: "Select date" "Select time" -> here you need to open two pickers independently. One for each button.

Any suggestions, examples and so on are more than welcome. Thanks.

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Every browser renders the native date and time pickers slightly differently.

If you're looking for a consistent solution, you can take a look at the Mobiscroll Date & Time Scroller.

It supports both Android and iOS, and it's themable, so you have even more control on how it looks & feels.

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