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I have a contact form that is working at the moment,i only get two notices:

Notice: Undefined variable: email_content Notice: Undefined variable: header

This is the code

// check if an error was found - if there was, send the user back to the form 
if (isset($error)) { 
$_POST['e'] = $error; 
} else {

// write the email content <-- HERE IS WHERE THE ERROR OCCURS
$email_content .= "Naam:" . htmlspecialchars($name, ENT_QUOTES) . "\n\n"; 
$email_content .= "Tel:" . htmlspecialchars($tel, ENT_QUOTES) . "\n\n"; 
$email_content .= "E-mail:" . htmlspecialchars($email_address, ENT_QUOTES) . "\n\n"; 
$email_content .= "Onderwerp:" . htmlspecialchars($onderwerp, ENT_QUOTES) . "\n\n"; 
$email_content .= "Bericht:" . htmlspecialchars($message, ENT_QUOTES) . "\n\n"; 

$email_content .= "Naam:$name\n\n"; 
$email_content .= "Tel:$tel\n\n"; 
$email_content .= "E-mail:$email_address\n\n"; 
$email_content .= "Onderwerp:$onderwerp\n\n"; 
$email_content .= "Bericht:$message\n\n";
// send the email 
mail ("", "Nieuw bericht van de UTI website", $email_content, $header );   <-- this is 

// send the user back to the form 
$_POST['s'] = 'Bedankt voor uw bericht.';

What am i missing? I hope you guys can help me.

Kind regards,


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Because you are trying to append to an undeclared string in $email_content & $header.

On your first lines of each variable change the .= to =

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that did the trick, thank you for the fast response! – user2314339 Apr 24 '13 at 12:55

You concatenate a string to an undefined variable:

$email_content .= "....";

Define it first by assigning something to it:

$email_content = "";
$email_content .= "....";
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You're using .= (append string operand) on a string you didn't define yet. PHP sees this:

$string .= $string2

To mean this:

$string = $string . $string2

When it tries to parse that, $string doesn't exist so can't be concatenated with $string2 or assigned to $string.

You should replace these lines:

$email_content .= "Naam:" . htmlspecialchars($name, ENT_QUOTES) . "\n\n";

With the following:

$email_content = "Naam:" . htmlspecialchars($name, ENT_QUOTES) . "\n\n";
$header = 'From:';

This should be fine.

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You append a String to a undefined Variable. Write

$header = "";
$email_content = "";

before you append sth. You would get an error in other languages.

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You are using this in your first line

$email_content .= "Naam:" . htmlspecialchars($name, ENT_QUOTES) . "\n\n"; 

Which is interpreted as

$email_content = $email_content . "Naam:" . htmlspecialchars($name, ENT_QUOTES) . "\n\n";

SO it says undefined variable.

Remove '.' from the first lines of email_content and header variable

Might help!!

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You should initialize this variables. For example, in first lines.

$header = '';
$email_content = '';
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I already got it working, thank you for your anwser! – user2314339 Apr 24 '13 at 12:56

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