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So I basically wanna display this (whole row in ONE column):

I like [type column] cake with [icing column] and a [fruit column].

The result should be:


I like chocolate cake with whipped_cream and a cherry.

I like strawberry cake with vanilla_cream and a lemon_slice.



I need some sort of TO_CHAR statement that does ([column] "some text" [column]) "new_column_name";

What am I supposed to know?

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Did you try the || operator ?

Check this out>>>

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You have two options for concatenating strings in Oracle:

CONCAT example:

        CONCAT('I like ', t.type_desc_column), 
        ' cake with '), 
    ' and a '),

Using || example:

'I like ' || t.type_desc_column || ' cake with ' || t.icing_desc_column || ' and a ' || t.fruit_desc_column
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select 'i like' || type_column || ' with' ect....

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Thank you so much for this answer. I like the '||' as it makes it easier to maintain the SQL query. –  Jason TEPOORTEN Oct 25 '12 at 0:56

Below query works for me @Oracle 10G ----

select PHONE, CONTACT, (ADDR1 ||  '-' || ADDR2 || '-' || ADDR3) as Address
where Code='341'; 

O/P -

1111 abc@gmail.com 4th street-capetown-sa

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..I was missing one || and did not notice. I thought the error I was getting was because I was trying to rename the concatenated column or because you couldn't concatenate more than 2 columns.

Thanks :D

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