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I want to develop a table with the ability to resize columns by clicking and dragging (I have done this using ColReorderWithResize plugin).

However, when I use scroll option and I try to resize the header column, the table is not getting aligned with the header when the header is resized.

Here is a fiddle script.

What I would like is that if I resize header column (e.g. Browser column) then the body column should align with header column. Is this normal behaviour in ColReorderWithResize when I want to use a scrollbar?

Note I am using:

DataTables 1.9.4

ColReorderWithResize 1.0.7

var $table = $("#demo table");
  "sDom": "Rlfrtip",
  "sScrollY":($(window).height() - 300) + "px",

  "fnDrawCallback": function() {
    $(window).unbind('resize').bind('resize', function () {
  applyTableHeight:function () {
    var sScrollY = ($(window).height() - this.staticHeight) + "px";
    $(".dataTables_scrollBody").css("height", sScrollY);
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