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I'm trying to capture FM radio with Qt and my Symbian device (C7-00 Belle Refresh), but no effect, what is wrong? Is it possible at all?

Audio Input Routing Symbian API

audiosource = new QAudioCaptureSource(this);
audiosource->setAudioInput("FM Radio");

QAudioEncoderSettings settings;

capture = new QMediaRecorder(audiosource, this);
capture->setEncodingSettings(settings, QVideoEncoderSettings(), "audio/mp4");

QTimer::singleShot(seconds * 1000, capture, SLOT(stop()))
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Have you used QAudioCaptureSource::isAvailable () to check if "FM Radio" is available at all as an input source? –  sashoalm May 7 '13 at 13:18

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