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I'm kind of lost in between UIImage, UIImageView, CG, layers... I want to draw the same UIImage multiple times in the same UIImageView. I don't want to have a separate subview for each of those objects. It's enough to have a flat image. How do I do that?

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UIImageView does not allow you to do that. Instead, I would recommend you to use a regular UIView and use the drawRect: function to draw the images. Take a look at the Core Graphics docs if you want to know how to do that.

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i found this as i was also looking for answers to this question


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You'll have to create multiple UIImage objects to do this. Really a UIImageView is the wrong choice. Create a UIView and just add mulitple UIImageView objects to it. Sorry.

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Well I guess it is simple

[imageView addSubview:myTextView];

where myTextView can be made using the following piece of code

UIImage *myImage = [[uiimage alloc]initwithname:@"txtImage"];
UIImageView *myTextView =
      [[UIImageView alloc]initwithframe:("enter the height width you want ")];
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