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lets say i have a background worker in a class that perform db query in a background thread.

i wanna test this class

so i mock my db and return some collection so far so good, make sure my background worker called the do work and than i wanna make sure that the finish also happened.

I've noticed that the test pass and fail randomly (i think it has something to do with threads)

any suggestions

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You may have a race condition between the background thread and the asserts/verifies.

For example:

public void TestWithRaceCondition()
    bool called = false;
    new Thread(() => called = true).Start();

The thread doesn't necessarily end before the asserts, sometimes it will and sometimes it won't. A solution to this case is to join the background thread:

public void TestWithoutRaceCondition()
    bool called = false;
    var thread = new Thread(() => called = true);

One way to check if it's a race condition is to delay the test thread (call Thread.Sleep for long time just before the assert) and if the test stops failing that's good indication for race condition.

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ok good idea.. and how can i get a reference to this thread??? i'm testing a code that encapsulate this stuff.. –  Chen Kinnrot Nov 23 '09 at 19:27
The "recipe" is to design it for testability, it requires some work. You can make the callback/thread/worker visible to the test (using InternalsVisibleTo or by making it virtual and test it on an inherited class). You can take a look at an example: stackoverflow.com/questions/1770830/…. Other option, which I like less, is to add some "buffer" by putting the test thread to sleep before the Assert call. –  Elisha Nov 23 '09 at 21:06

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