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I am creating a php script for a MySQL database whereby I call a MySQL trigger..

The trigger should affect a table which is effectively an invoice:

So when I update a field called 'date_invoiced' from its NULL default to a valid date it then
locks the whole record from being updated unless you have permission via your MySQL logon
to change it back to its default NULL, (effectively 're-opening' the invoice)

No idea how to do this, any help would be great

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Adding triggers is essential for the development of complex MySQL databases that retain enforced referential integrity. Foreign keys cannot handle complex cases that perhaps involve more than one column (such as an item_id and item_type_id scenario).

SUPER is required when creating or dropping trigger only when binary logging is turned on.

The reason appears to be related to replication issues (MySQL 5.0 documentation).


Read this link to ... & this threads Applying column permissions for a table over a trigger , Can't create MySQL trigger with TRIGGER privilege on 5.1.32

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You can't put a lock on a row. I suggest you use a TRIGGER on update, which makes the update fail if date_invoiced is NOT NULL. Unless username is 'superman'. I think that you can code what you want following this example.


    ON table_name
    IF OLD.date_invoiced IS NOT NULL AND USER() NOT LIKE '\'superman\'@%' THEN
        SIGNAL SQLSTATE VALUE '45000' SET MESSAGE_TEXT = '[upd_lock] - Record is locked';
    END IF;

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Thanks very much, that did the trick –  Raymond Atkins Apr 30 '13 at 12:06

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