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I have a bunch of .jpg images and I want to print them (on paper with ink), at a fixed size (in cm). Let's say image1.png is 400x600 pixels and I want to print it at 300 dpi. I've tried using PrinterJob and Printable implementation, but it seems I can't specify DPI. Here is the code snippets:

PrinterJob job = PrinterJob.getPrinterJob();

job.setPrintable(new PrintableDeck(cardDB));

PrintRequestAttributeSet attr = new HashPrintRequestAttributeSet();
attr.add(new PrinterResolution(300, 300, PrinterResolution.DPI));
attr.add(new MediaPrintableArea(8,21,210-16,296-42,MediaPrintableArea.MM));
attr.add(new Copies(1));



public class PrintableDeck implements Printable {

    BufferedImage image;

    public PrintableDeck(DB cardDB){
        // This load an image into 'image'            
        BufferedImage image = cardDB.getCard(5462).getBufferedImage();

    public int print(Graphics graphics, PageFormat pf, int page)
    throws PrinterException{

            return NO_SUCH_PAGE;

        Graphics2D g2 = (Graphics2D) graphics;

        double pageHeight = pf.getImageableHeight();
        double pageWidth = pf.getImageableWidth();

        // This print ONLY ~596x842, as if page is 72 DPI
        System.out.println("Imageable WH: "+pageWidth+" x "+pageHeight);

        // This print correctly 400x600
        System.out.println("Image: "+images.get(0).getWidth(null)+" x "+images.get(0).getHeight(null));

        g2.drawImage(image, 0, 0, null);

        return PAGE_EXISTS;

As you can see above, I have PageFormat.getImageableHeight() ~ 842 and PageFormat.getImageableWidth() ~ 595. If page would be 300 DPI, I expected these values to be much higher, about 3000 x 2500. What I am missing?

Thank you so much.

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here's my code, note I am using Scalr.

    private String autoResizeImage(String image, int width, int dpi, String prefix) throws IllegalArgumentException, ImagingOpException, IOException {

    File file = new File(image);

    BufferedImage img = ImageIO.read(file);

    BufferedImage result = Scalr.resize(img, Scalr.Method.SPEED, Scalr.Mode.FIT_TO_WIDTH, width, Scalr.OP_ANTIALIAS);

    File outputfile = new File(prefix);
    PNGEncodeParam penc = PNGEncodeParam.getDefaultEncodeParam(result);

    double meter2inchRatio = 1d / 0.0254d;
    int dim = (int) (dpi * meter2inchRatio) + 1;
    penc.setPhysicalDimension(dim, dim, 1);

    // resize orginal image
    JAI.create("filestore", result, outputfile.getAbsolutePath(), "PNG", penc);

    return outputfile.getAbsolutePath();

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