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I realize this is dangerously close to this question Query tasks by team members; however I still have questions regarding it.

I'm attempting the same general idea from the aforementioned link where I query for all tasks for all team members on a project and specific iteration, but when it comes to processing the tasks received from the callback I've drawn a complete blank, and documentation on the rally website, https://developer.help.rallydev.com/data-examples#Multiple%20Queries, and previous stack overflow answers have not helped me. I am currently using sdk version 1.26 because I am working with a previously-made Rally application.

The two querying code blocks I've been attempting are 1:

        var teamMembersQuery = { 
            key: "teamMembers", 
            type: "User", 
            fetch: "UserName", 
            query: '(TeamMemberships = /project/__PROJECT_OID__)'

        rallyDataSource.findAll(teamMembersQuery, function(results) {
            var ownerQueries = [];
            rally.forEach(results.teamMembers, function(teamMember) {

            var taskQuery = {
                key: "tasks", 
                type: "Task", 
                fetch: "FormattedID,Owner,DisplayName,Name,State,Estimate,ToDo,Iteration,Name", 
                query: rally.sdk.util.Query.and(['Iteration.Name = ' +
                selectedIteration.getSelectedName()]).and(rally.sdk.util.Query.or(ownerQueries)) };

           rallyDataSource.findAll(taskQuery, function(results) {
                //process results.tasks here


which utilizes the suggestion given in the Stack Overflow link's answer, and 2:

var queryConfig = [];

        var capacityQueryString = '((Iteration.Name = ' + '"' + 
                selectedIteration + 
                '") AND (Project.ObjectID = "' + 
                projectOID +

        queryConfig[0] = {
            type: "users",
            key:  "userdata",
            fetch: "UserName,DisplayName",
            query: taskQueryString

        queryConfig[1] = {
            key: "tasks", 
            type: "Task", 
            fetch: "FormattedID,Name,ObjectID,Rank,State,Blocked,Estimate,ToDo,Actuals,WorkProduct,RevisionHistory,Revisions",
            order: "Rank"               

        rallyDataSource.findAll(queryConfig, function(results){
            //process results here

which is based on the Rally documentation. I'm not sure the difference between the two and whether either is better; I'm new to Rally so I don't quite yet understand the ins and outs of the SDK.

What my question boils down to is 1) is my querying format correct, and 2) how do I process the results such that I can map a UserName, DisplayName, that user's ToDo, and that user's Estimate into an array?

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