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I wrote a simple tcp server program and make it listen on port 80 then I notice from

netstat -tulpn|grep "tcp"

that the tcp server listening port is changed to a random port, but not 80

I tried other ports like 2000, the tcp server program runs fine and can listen on that port but 80 is not possible

I checked whether there are other processes that are listening on port 80, originally there is a httpd, but I killed it and still my tcp server can't listen on port 80

I tried several machines, the phenomenon is the same are there any causes for this? and how to make my program listen on port 80?

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You need to be root to listen to ports below 1024.

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Ports below 1024 are restricted. If you are just playing around it's easy enough to run your program as root but if you want to write an application that you don't want to run as root for security reasons but still be able to bind to a restricted port you may want to look into the Linux capabilities system.

Here's a link to an answer on how to use the setcap utility on Linux..

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