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I have an existing Android app which I am trying to advertise via Facebook ads. Facebook said I must integrate their library into my app, starting with downloading their SDK.

When I downloaded their SDK from here: there was no .jar files in it but examples of apps using their classes.

I think for my purposes I just need to make a call to Facebook when my app starts up, right? Because I don't want any Facebook functionality. I just want to be able to intgrate enough to b able to advertise in their system.

Could anyone please help me understand what I need to do?

Should I just copy all the classes in their Facebook/com/src folder into my own project? And if so, where do I add the access key and secret key for my Facebook app into my Android app?

Thanks! - Alex

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The Facebook SDK is not a simple jar file, but is instead an Android Library. If you're using eclipse, you need to import the SDK into your workspace, and add it as a library to your project.

See the google docs on how to add a library

And also the Facebook SDK Getting Started guide

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