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I just finished writing some code that checks if it is the first time the app is running then display a message, if it is not the first time then display another message..

How do you reset the simulator on Xcode so that I can test the app when it runs the first time?

I tried cleaning the build folder but it didn't work..

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In the iOS Simulator, press iOS Simulator in the menu at the top of the screen, and press 'Reset Content and Settings...'. This will clear the entire simulator.

Or, on the home screen of the simulator, uninstall the app in the same way you would on a physical device, by pressing and holding on the application icon until an 'x' appears in the top left, and press the 'x', and select 'Delete' from the alert view. This will clear all data associated with a single app.

Then do a clean, build and run.

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@Tim's answer is probably easier for interactive usage.

We use scripts for automated testing and delete the simulator's data directory to ensure it's clean. The simulator will re-create basic information when it restarts.

Delete the following:

${user.home}/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/${simulator.version}
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