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Really looking for an idea why my XPage is doing this.

I have field with a dynamic databinding:

<xp:inputText id="CORE_Input" value="#{Document[compositeData.PARA_DataBinding]}"</xp:inputText>

That works quit well until I start to hide it based on a notes formula.

Let me tell what it does: I click a checkbox in my XPage. That checkbox is running SSJS which is calling: Document.getDocument(true) to push the data from my XPage back into the notesdocument without saving it. Once that is done I can use session.evaluate("checkbox!="something"") to hide the inputText field.

It works quit well but the problem is that once I untick the checkbox the value is gone from the inputfield.

If you know a better way to use notes formulas for hiding or the reason why the inputfield is empty once it comes back would be highly appreciated. Here is an example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<xp:view xmlns:xp="" xmlns:xe="">
    <xp:checkBox id="checkBox1" value="#{Document.Check}" text="hide" checkedValue="hide">
    <xp:eventHandler event="onchange" submit="false">
    <xp:panel id="test">
    <xp:inputText id="CORE_Input" type="#{compositeData.NODE}"
        defaultValue="#{javascript:compositeData.PARA_DefaultValue}" style="margin-left:24px">
        <xp:this.styleClass><![CDATA[#{javascript:DOMElement.getAttribute("stylesize");}]]></xp:this.styleClass>        <xp:this.rendered><![CDATA[#{javascript:var doc:NotesXspDocument=Document;
        var erg=session.evaluate('Check="hide"',doc.getDocument());
        {return false}
        {return true}}]]></xp:this.rendered>
    <xp:button value="hide" id="hide">
        <xp:eventHandler event="onclick" submit="true"
            refreshMode="partial" refreshId="test">
            <![CDATA[#{javascript:var doc:NotesXspDocument=Document;doc.getDocument(true)}]]></xp:this.action>
    <xp:button value="unhide" id="unhide">
        <xp:eventHandler event="onclick" submit="true" refreshMode="partial" refreshId="test">
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Why are you using Notes formula to hide fields? – Fredrik Norling Apr 24 '13 at 16:04
provide more sources – Frantisek Kossuth Apr 24 '13 at 22:09
I have to use notesformula its a requirement. – user2316219 Apr 25 '13 at 7:27

The problem you have is your default value: As soon the component is unhidden, the value is recalculated. You have to check if the component is partially refreshed. If so, stop the recalculation:

        importPackage( );
            if( AjaxUtil.isAjaxPartialRefresh(facesContext) == true ) 

This should solve your problem

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